orchid mounting supplies

Orchids Love Cork, offers orchid mounting supplies including cork mounts, cork tubes, cork tiles and cork potting mixes that comes in several sizes. The cork pieces mimic the natural environment that orchids grow in, which is a combination of chunky material, that create ideal aeration and drainage. If the roots are left in a wet environment they will deteriorate, which make cork potting mixes, wicking and porous nature, one of the best growing environment.

Orchids, in their natural environment, typically attach themselves to tree bark, making cork bark and cork mounts a ideal surface for growing your orchids. The rough bark texture and the porous nature of cork mounts, make it a ideal mounting surface that is prized for its look and longevity. In fact, mounting your orchid to cork bark comes closest to simulating the natural environment of the epiphytic orchids, with the roots getting plenty of ventilation that will dry quickly or you add moss to help control moisture evaporation.